アート横断V 創造のエコロジー / Crossing Visions V: Ecology of Creation






I designed a poster and flyers and a brochure for “Ecology of Creation” which is Fukuoka Asian Art Museum’s new exhibition.


This time, I tried a kind of unique way for designing the exhibition’s poster. I don’t know whether you know, generally, flyers are made from a piece of big paper. Almost all kinds of printing things are printed on big papers. After that, these are cut by a cutting machine and made into each flyer.
In this project, I came up with an idea that the big paper before cutting should work as a poster. So, the finish became like these uploaded pictures. Main information was printed by hand spraying, so there are some frictions and bleeding on the posters. Normally, these are not good, but I think that these give cool taste to the poster design. As you can see, there is no same layout even only one print in these posters.

The show takes place until 21 Mar., 2017. Admission free.