野球部に花束を8巻 発売中 / Knockin’On YAKYUBU’s Door Vol.8, available now


『野球部に花束を』と言えば、作者クロマツテツロウさんのスタジオのロゴマークをデザインさせて頂きました。 漫画家ということで、インクをモチーフに。インクの精 クロちゃん(仮称)、気に入っています。

Speaking of this high school baseball season in Japan, Knockin’On YAKYUBU’s Door releases new issue at this time every year. Now, its Vol.8 I designed is available now. Please hold it to see the details if you find it in a bookstore.

By the way, I also designed a logo of Kuromatsu Tetsuro who is a author of Knockin’On YAKYUBU’s Door. He is a manga artist, so I was inspired from ink bottle when I designed his mark.