&(アンパサンド)がカタチをひらくとき / When “&” Discovers New Forms of Art

8月4日(木)より川崎市市民ミュージアムで始まる『&(アンパサンド)がカタチをひらくとき』という企画展に出品します。取り囲む現実との「間(はざま)」=「&(アンパサンド)」に意識的な作家のグループ展です。今まで手がけたものや、個人的にFacebook上でやっていたAbecky Timesが、企画趣旨に合うとのことで今回展示させて頂きます。



10:00-12:00/14:30-16:30 ※各回先着20名
[場所]2F アートギャラリー3 

[場所]2F アートギャラリー3 

I participate in an exhibition named ‘When “&” Discovers New Forms of Art’ as one of exhibitors. The exhibition starts at Kawasaki City Museum from August 4, 2016. This showing is a group show by 6 artists who have a consciousness of sence of “&”. According to a chief curator, Abecky Times and my works fit this show’s concept, so I’m going to exhibit them in the museum’s gallery.
There are many workshop events during the exhibition in connection with the show’s theme “&”. I hold some Workshops, so please come to my turns if you are interested in them. And, I also have a gallery talk show with Shigenobu Matsuzawa(Editor-in-chief of “Tokyo Betsushiten Gaido”) on September 24. We plan to have a conversation about each activity.


‘Exhibition: Drawing Manga!’ is open during the same time period. You can enjoy both.

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10:00–12:00 and 14:30–16:30 in August 20 (Sat), August 21 (Sun), September 3 (Sat), September 19 (Mon—Respect for the Aged Day), September 22 (Thu) and September 25 (Sun)—Held at the Art Gallery No.3
*This workshop is available only for the first 20 people who gathered each day.

[Panel Discussion & Speech]
Panel Discussion between Abeki Hirokazu, Shigenobu Matsuzawa(Editor-in-chief of “Tokyo Betsushiten Gaido”)
13:00–14:00 in September 24 (Sat)—Held at the Art Gallery No.3